Pamper your Mom with Gifts of Indulgence from Vedic Collection on this Mother’s day !

Mothers are the world’s greatest life support system. They feed you, keep you clean, get you to where you want to go, nurture you, give you a shoulder to cry on, and they are the definition of multi-tasking!mothers day

That’s why on Mother’s Day, we need to treat them like the queens they are and give them the best gift of all—the gift of good health!

Looking for the perfect way to spoil your dear Mum this Mothering Sunday? Make her content with our favourite selection of organic beauty gifts to cater for every type of Mum. Our pick of treats are guaranteed to delight and impress her.

Have her spray on this beautiful   aromatherapeutic Body Deo floral scent at pulse points: inside wrists, sides of the neck, and over the heart, to immediately inspire an inner sense of beauty and confidence. Containing the best of essential oils, it helps to stimulate the senses and heighten serenity with anxiety-reducing, mood-balancing aromas. The Rose and Watermelon Bodymilk promotes feelings of affection and allure. Plus, the products look super cute on her dressing table, with their vintage-inspired puffer.

IBody-Deo-Floralf your mother is a fan of shower gels, it doesn’t get much better than our hand crafted, natural  gels which are free from synthetic materials. This super shimmery shower gel will have you turning heads . Fruity, sweet and dashed with a hint of luster, this shower gel will leave skin unimaginably soft and smelling like scrumptious watermelon. It’s well deserving of its name!

Why not get your mom the best of the best with our Best of Vedic  Collection gift sets. With 14 of our most popular products included, bath salts to body lotion and roll-ons, this gift set will be sure to satisfy every mom. Discover a world of decadent and indulgent gifts guaranteed to please every personality and taste.

Celebrate The Holi Festival In An Eco Friendly Way With Natural Holi Colours

Celebrating Holi without colours is meaningless but using synthetic colours may lead to adverse complications. As holi colors contain harmful chemicals such as oxides, glass particles, metal and substances, they are extremely dangerous to the skin.

organic holi coloursHarmful Effects Of Synthetic Holi Colors:

  • Chemical colors also have solvents such as lead, benzene, tetrathyline, aromatic compounds which lead to dry skin.
  • When it comes to dark colors such as black, green and red, they have a huge content of lead oxide, copper suplhate, etc. These are carcinogenic and even cause skin cancer. Harmful chemical colors can develop rashes and allergies.
  • There are possibilities that your hair could turn dry and brittle, especially if you have not washed off the colors immediately after they are applied.

Benefits Of Organic Holi Colors:

  • The natural holi colours are made with natural components such as fruits, leaves, barks and flowers of plants.
  • They are eco friendly and are not harm to the environment.
  • They will not cause any adverse defects on our skin.
  • They are free from harsh, carcinogenic chemicals
  • They are available in attractive packages
  • The organic holi colours are pleasantly perfumed and do not cause suffocation.

Ingredients Of Organic Holi Colors:

  • Orange: Natural kumkum mixed with turmeric powder.
  • Green: Indigo, Turmeric and Potato
  • Blue: Indigo powder, Rice flour
  • Yellow: Turmeric and Potato
  • Pink: Beetroot powder

In addition to these ingredients, flowers such as Rose, Tuberose, marigold and gerbera are isolated, dried and then powdered. Some of these flowers provide colors whereas a few others add fragrance to the colors. In certain cases, black grapes, dried gooseberry and amla are also used to make organic colors.

Where To Buy Organic Holi Colors?natural holi colours

You can buy holi colors online. Of course, there are several online stores that offer natural holi colors at competitive prices. However, you need to find the online store which offers certified natural colors. These certified colors are completely loaded with natural codes that do not harm your eyes and skin.