Body Scrub Rice and Orange

Vedic Collection

Body Scrub Rice & Orange by Tatha Nature's Blessing is a flagship natural wellness product from The Vedic Collection. It has whitening and toning properties.


  • Rice has been known to have whitening and toning properties
  • It helps reduce the pores & has a softening effect on the skin
  • The scrub works wonders in relieving tiredness of the body
  • It is known to possess soothing ,uplifting and tranquilizing properties
  • It also plays the role of sun blocker, thereby preventing the skin from being tanned or destroyed by the harmful Ultraviolet rays

Ingredients- Rice, Orange floral water, Sesamum indicum, Santalum album, Citrus aurantium, jasmine officinale

Directions for Use- Wet skin. Scoop out as required and apply in a circular motion on the body. Care should be taken not to apply it on the face. Rinse off with warm water.

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